Floorscapes Inc.

Floorscapes Inc.

525 - 58 Ave SE
Calgary, Alberta
CanadaT2H 0P7

Phone: 403-296-0985

Member Since: Sep 07, 2016

About Floorscapes Inc.

Floorscapes began as a family company and although we have expanded, we have retained our values and our bonds: Bryce, his colleague and business partner Jason Sawers and Bryce’s family run the company with the same ethic and intention that Bryce established when he first founded Floorscapes.

Reflecting our motivations and values, we have staffed our company with a tight-knit group of professionals, who like its owners, are committed to providing honest and exceptional service.

What Makes Us Tick 

Nowadays we are motivated by our love for homes and tasteful, artful design. 

With an eye for both practicality and aesthetics, we endeavor to contribute to the creation of well-lived in and appreciated homes.
Stay tuned for our latest design story. As appreciators of architecture and home aesthetics, we are constantly combing the world of design to bring your attention to interesting projects and products.

What Our Customers Say

“The team at Floorscapes is fantastic. I have worked with Bryce Osborne several times over the last 15 years- three different houses and many projects in each. Why? They are very respectful and very knowledgeable, they stick to their schedule and their installers do a beautiful job. It doesn’t get any better than this in the flooring world.”

“Great experience! From the personal attention (thank you Bryce) to the selection and install, top notch! If you need flooring this is the place to go. Would highly recommend them!”

“We have done business with Floorscapes for approximately 7 years. We never have to worry that our clients are not getting the best treatment. I highly recommend Floorscapes.”

“We had a wonderful experience with Floorscapes during our renovation. The service and attention we received was second to none.”



Blog Posts

Floorscapes Inc. November 10, 2017

At this year’s Calgary Fall Home Show, we at Floorscapes got a special treat. As members of the Baeumler Approved Network, we had the privilege of meeting Bryan Baeumler himself.

Not surprisingly, the HGTV star is as down-to-earth as he appears on camera, a good ol’ Canadian boy with solid industry values.

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