Stratford Price Painting

Stratford Price Painting

6-434 Archibald St
Winnipeg, Manitoba
CanadaR2J 0X5
Phone: (204) 691-6264

Member Since: Dec 17, 2015

About Stratford Price Painting

Rather than give you a company structure, how long we've been in business, or some slogan, we would rather share with you the things that inspire us to do the work we do. The reality is that if you examine people's work, the inspired work is always the best work. - WE ARE INSPIRED BY OUR CLIENT'S REACTIONS TO THE EXPERIENCE WE PROVIDE. Pride in your work can be a buzz-word these days but from your initial phone call with us right through to the completed project, you will see uncompromising quality, cleanliness, genuine concern for you and your project, and fulfilment of even your unexpressed needs. - WE ARE INSPIRED BY OUR CLIENT'S VISION. If you have full home design ideas, we can help you. If you have colour scheme, furniture, layout, and tapestry ideas, we can help with that too. Our Interior Design team will listen to your ideas, lend their experience and create a proposal. When fulfilling the proposal, our Design team will aid you in selection of all materials to create the final look. Then just leave it to our team to do the actual work! - WE ARE INSPIRED BY YOUR TRUST IN US. Whether it's painting, home detailing, design, a layout change, or a simple colour consultation, giving us the green light on any service gives us the opportunity to 'wow' you. - WE ARE INSPIRED BY YOUR REFERRALS. The greatest compliment we can receive is that you believe in our team to help your friends and family.


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